Excellence in Technology


ThyssenKrupp Robins' list of innovations in the bulk material handling field began with the rubber-covered conveyor belting and expanded over the years to include:

1. The world's only shiploader with a built-in crushing plant in Durban, South Africa.

2. A patented bucket-wheel reclaimer/blender at Riverside Cement in California.

3. High-capacity, shiftable bulk conveyors for a lignite mine in Neyveli, India.

4. A unique rotary reclaimer plus a cable-suspended rotary stacker installed inside a geodesic storage dome for Alcoa Minerals of Jamaica in Jamaica, W.I.

5. A unique double-over-triple conveyor transfer design that permits material transfer from either of two main conveyors to any of three cross conveyors at Anaconda's Twin Buttes Copper Mining in Arizona.

6. A "floating" bucket-wheel unloader, designed to empty coal barges, currently in operation at Northern States Power in Stillwater, Minnesota.

7. The world's first coal blending system, designed to consistently and automatically deliver coal at a specified BTU per ton and installed in Four Corners, New Mexico.

8. A patented braking and load-balancing system designed to reduce supervising and maintenance costs for Pacific Cement and Aggregates.

9. The revolutionary application to self-unloading vessels of a rotary elevator providing a new 1,000-ft long Great Lakes ore carrier with the ability to unload ore of up to 20,000 tph.

10. Innovative moving conveyor head-ends for Bethlehem Steel to facilitate the routing of material without the need for shuttle conveyors.

11. A Pipe Conveyor, approximately 1.3 miles long in a single flight, with 10 horizontal curves, eliminating the need for four intermediate transfer stations.

12. The world's most complicated downhill pipe conveyor, approximately two miles long in a single flight with more than 65 horizontal and vertical curves.

13. The world's longest Pipe Conveyor, measuring approximately 3 miles in length.

14. The world's longest (12 miles in overall length) single-flight conveyor with a booster drive.

15. The first modern-era gearless drives (2 x 3,800 kW) supplied for Xstrata Antapaccay mine in Peru.