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Overland Conveyors

Designed, built and erected by specialists, ThyssenKrupp Robins' belt conveyors are very reliable, even under adverse conditions.

Our engineers have ensured maximum availability of these conveyors by designing and installing idlers that can be replaced while the belt is running. Integrated monitoring systems record malfunctions immediately to avoid greater damage and long stoppages.

ThyssenKrupp Robins' friction belt (belt-to-belt) drive units supply energy right where it is needed, considerably reducing belt tension. Downhill conveyors can be used to generate energy.

Conveyor systems are the logical connection between the phases of mining, processing, and storage. Our overland belt conveyor systems are custom-made to meet the specific demands of the client's needs, the type and volume of material to be handled, and the existing topography of the route, as well as the prevailing climatic conditions. They can be designed with belt widths of up to 120 inches (3.0 m) and belt speed of as high as 1500 ft/min (7.5m/s).

Overland conveyors are the most effective means of transporting bulk materials over long distances, and costs are often lower than with truck or rail transportation.

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