Large Apron Feeders

Apron Feeder

Apron feeders consist of two strands of tractor- type chain fitted with cast of fabricated pans. The chain is supported on standard tractor-type carrying rollers and plain rollers at the feeder’s return side. The equipment design is based on continuous operations, built to withstand high-impact loads and therefore suitable for coarse and abrasive materials, such as limestone, hard rock, iron ore, copper ore, and over-burden, among others. ThyssenKrupp Robins has engineered apron feeders with pan widths ranging from 800 mm to 3,400 mm, lengths as great as 30 meters, and capacities of up to 12,000 tph. Special designs allow inclinations of up to 28° from the horizontal. The drive system features fixed or variable speeds, with either a low-speed high-torque or high-speed low-torque hydraulic motor combined with planetary reducers or electro-mechanical drive units.

Apron feeder2