Rotary Plow Feeders

Rotary Plow Feeders

ThyssenKrupp Robins' plow feeder systems are used to efficiently reclaim sticky hydroscopic ores as well as free-flowing and highly abrasive materials. With their patented blade designs, our rotary plow feeders ensure stable and regular flow of material from storage to the reclaim conveyor belt, with minimum power consumption, blade liner wear, or material degradation.

What is a Rotary Plow Feeder?

A rotary plow feeder is a heavy-duty machine used to reclaim stored bulk materials. The feeder is designed to operate in a tunnel beneath a storage pile, in bins or in bulk vessels. A slot allows the stored material to flow onto a protruding reclaim shelf. The design of this shelf prevents the stored material from flowing over the edge of the reclaim shelf. The plowing mechanism, the key to the system's operation consists of curved arms revolving on a vertical axis that sweep the stored material from the shelf onto a belt conveyor. The plow feeder can be continuously traversed or positioned at any point along the reclaim shelf for maximum flexibility.

The speed of the plowing mechanism, or rotor, is automatically, or operator adjustable so that the reclaim capacity can be controlled to meet project ton- per-hour requirements. The traversing machinery enables the rotary plow feeder to reclaim materials evenly along the entire length of the system.

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