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In-Pit Mining Systems

In Pit Mining System

Bucket-wheel excavators travel parallel to the face conveyors, cutting the block in successive steps by slewing the superstructure. The material is loaded by belt wagons and hopper cars onto the face conveyors. Connecting conveyors transport the material from the face side to the dump side. Tripper cars moving over the dump conveyors load the material on spreaders at any point of the dump conveyors. The spreaders then dump it in one of the modes: high dump or deep dump mode. The capacity of each system is based on the capacity of the conveyors. If the machines have the same belt widths as the conveyor system, all conveyor belts run at a speed of 4.5 m/sec. If belt widths are different, the belts on the machines that are wider than the belts of the conveyor system run at 4.0 m/sec and the belts of the conveyor system run at 5.2 m/sec. The theoretical capacities of the system are calculated with the necessary reserves compared with the belt capacities.