Leach Pad Spreader Systems

Leach Pad System Zaldivar

The Zaldivar Mine copper mine, located in Northern Chile, utilizes heap leaching technology to extract copper from ore. ThyssenKrupp provided the system used to form the large pad for the sulphide-based ore. The unique design of the stacking bridge was developed by combining current technology from several related applications.
The stacker is free-supported and connected to the bridge structure through a large slew bearing. At 70 meters in length, the bridge allows the operator to deposit a large amount of ore on the pad before having to relocate the feed conveyor system. The stacker is PLC-controlled and can be operated remotely.
The traveling bridge stacker is supported on two sets of large crawlers. Considering the immense size of the bridge, the crawlers enable the machine to maneuver very efficiently. The low ground pressure exerted by the crawlers neither compacts the surface nor reduces the efficiency of the leaching process in subsequent layers. The bridge stacker is fed by a series of portable "grasshopper" conveyors, which are relocated periodically during the stacking operation.