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Bridge Type Bucket-Wheel Reclaimers

The bridge type bucket-wheel reclaimer blends and homogenizes material that has been piled up to the chevron system stackers of a blending yard. The bucket-wheel trolley on the main girder travels on eight vertical rollers. Four horizontal rollers at the level of the lower bridge chord ensure lateral guidance of the trolley. The trolley travel speed is adjustable so that, in connection with the variable cutting depth, optimum operating conditions can be chosen for reclaiming a variety of materials.

The trolley features two bucket wheels, each equipped with two rakes, and moves parallel to the front end to take up the material that has been stripped off by the rakes. Each cross-travel of the trolley is followed by a forward step of the complete machine. As the two buckets are transposable, the machines can operate in two directions-an essential advantage for stacking one stockpile while reclaiming another. Each of the bucket-wheels is driven by a short-circuit rotor motor through a hydraulic safety clutch, a worm gear, and a succeeding auxiliary spur wheel gear.

Bridge type bucket-wheel reclaimers can be designed for manual as well as automatic operation.