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Luffing Stackers

The luffing stacker travels along the entire length of the longitudinal stockpile conveyor and serves to build a stockpile on one side of the conveyor only. The tripper is connected to the traveling stacker by way of connecting structure and serves to transfer material to the boom. The stacker consists of a rigid structural design with a boom pivot in the center. The luffing motion is often carried out by concrete counterweight design. The stacker and tripper are designed for variable speed travel and can be quickly relocated from one area of the stockpile to another. The luffing stacker can be operated in a manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic mode from a central control station. The luffing stacker is the most cost-effective design for a stockpile on one side of the conveyor. With its simple structure, it has fewer mechanical components than the slewing and luffing stacker.