Excellence in Technology


ThyssenKrupp has an established in-house construction capability for the erection and commissioning of our machines. The involvement of our construction personnel does not begin at site, but rather at the design concept period. In this manner, issues such as machine constructability, maintainability etc. is incorporated into the machine design. The provision of this service ensures the work is performed in accordance with the highest quality and safety standards, thereby maximizing the reliability of the plant. Our site construction team has also achieved an excellent safety and industrial relations record.

The in-house ability to manage and deliver all facets of our work adds further value to the project. Our construction capability also tackles shutdown work, upgrades, and refurbishments of various equipment for the mining and processing industry. Our extensive track record in shut down work of stackers, reclaimers, shiploaders, grizzlies and much more, are just a few examples of our overall capability. Our strong commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that we deliver a world class service each time we mobilize.